Why Web Design Still Matters in 2023

By Admin / 10.03.2023
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As we move into 2023, there are an growing number of ways companies can involve with their customers. And as the number of apps, browser extensions, social media feeds, newsletters, vlogs, and podcasts develops, you can be excused for thinking that websites are a little less essential than they were in say, 2021.

However, the fact is that websites remain an unique part of the digital landscape and they will continue to be into 2023 and beyond.

Websites, as the source of a centralized, privately run digital experience couldn’t be more applicable. Unlike competing technologies, websites allow almost total control of their source code, and that runs an opportunity for skilled designers and developers to contest against the biggest names in their clients’ industries in a way that basically isn’t possible in influentially governed systems like social media.

In 2023 websites will still be a serious part of a successful business strategy and web designers will carry on to be essential members of any team.

Websites continue to deal numerous benefits over other technologies including enlarged flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and superior search engine opportunities.

Unlike social media boards that allow you to modify a few assets like avatars and colors, websites can be entirely customized to fit the tone and style of a brand. Moreover, websites have a far lower fence to entry than podcasts, vlogs, or apps. While apps may offer a richer set of features than a website, that is offset by the limitations on platform and device capabilities that apps impose.

Websites will remain to evolve as the tech site changes. New ideas for consuming digital media will appear over time, offering unique new experiences — for example, mass adoption of AR (Augmented Reality) is just around the corner. However, the website is perfectly evolved for the types of simple customer interaction that businesses rely on, and will continue to matter in 2023 and beyond.

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